Friday, February 27, 2009

Tag Me???? Darn it!

Because of you, Kei, I create this blog. Thanks man. Well, let’s get started. Is it good to do this thing? It is like opening a Pandora box. Oh well. We ‘HUMAN’ can’t escape from making mistakes and forget anyway. Here I go.

Your instructions:
Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you.
At the end, select a few people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.
Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog.
You can't tag the person who tagged you.
Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1. Sometimes I regret taking teaching course because I never want to be a teacher. Always bad mouthed my teachers. Now, it is a curse upon me.
2. I have this liking towards older women (not more than 5 years than me).
3. I prefer learn something by myself than being forced to learn.
4. When I was 12, I was possessed (rasuk) by supernatural thing (thank to my late grandmother).
5. I had my first kiss when I was standard 1 in Australia. (French kiss more exactly)
6. My goal is not to have a goal and expectation. Life is unpredictable and short. Shit happens. Play more.
7. Sometimes I view this life like the movie ‘Matrix’. Everything is an illusion.
8. My nails are short. According to Mastika, those who has short nails, they have difficulty learning easy stuff but able to comprehend hard stuff. It is true. That sucks.
9. Since 2005, my family and I never go back to kampong and see my relatives. KL is fun during raya day.
10. I don’t know how to wear kain pelikat.
11. I am jealous and proud of my dad. I wish I could experience what he experienced (go to England and study in Sandhurst (among top 5 students there), go all around the world, a commando, kill and go to war etc)
12. I am jealous of my brother, Shafiq (got looks, witty, salary averages 3K a month, hang out with hot babes, don’t need to study)
13. Shafiq is jealous of me (got real friends, able to study, have a lot of free time, has a gf, etc)
14. I am a Heretic. That what people call me.
15. My favourite people that I like to be enlighten and consult with: my dad, Khalis and Nina.
16. I can’t stop thinking. I got this habit from my dad. Khalis, HELLLLLLP!!!!!!

So who's next?
To all B.Ed Tesl Cohort 3 who has a blog, DO IT!
(Except those who already done it)


  1. dunno how to wear kain pelekat? you're not alone buddy.

    there are more pressing matters to be addressed other than that.