Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Novelty in Life

I need a novelty in my life. Every day is the same old routine of downloading anime, manga and video from internet that I feel how boring, dull and insignificant my life is. I need something that is challenging. Something that I can be proud of accomplishes. Well, luckily I just complete downloaded all the video on Wing Chun lesson that I can learn and train by myself. I am going to give these videos to Kei and hopefully in IPTI we could train together. But still, I need something new. Something that can improve my ability as a human being. Something that can make me realize how important my existent and life is. Well, I have Nina. So, I do have something to protect and care for that will make my existent more important. I have something worth living and Nina, my family and my passion are one of them.


  1. heh but in the end you forgot to bring it to me~ I'll look forward to the time in IPTI too. Lets give Wing Chun a go there.

  2. Sure man. I definitely need a sparring partner.