Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me, Oedipus and Icarus

I learn an important theme or message when I studied Oedipus Rex and that is to accept any predicament, changes and fate in our life and continue living. Although Oedipus is portrayed as ignorant and rage character, he became like that due to his eagerness to escape from his fate. I think everybody will do the same thing if their in the same position. But one thing that we can learn from Oedipus is to accept it. It is not his fault that he was abandoned, murdered his father and fuck his mother. It is already planned by God. So, if any predicament or you are facing certain downfall, just say ‘Shit happen’. If you a bold enough, you can pin point to the LORD. Because you cannot control your destiny. The Almighty control you. You can plan but you cannot go against with the LORD. So why bother of planning and running? Just enjoy life. Be Icarus, make mistake and died happily (I guess he dies happily). Even though his father cry and regret of building the wing, I assume deep down in Icarus heart and mind he would say, ‘That was fun. Let do it again.’ Who give a fuck what other people say? We, human, should make mistake. That how we learn to improve ourselves and become a better being. Nobody is perfect.

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