Friday, May 29, 2009

Terminator should be terminate!!!

Terminator sucks. I was hoping it will be good and it has final ending of the trilogy. Before I watched the movie, the trailer was awesome and definitely makes you wants to see it. But as I watched the movie, it was so so. Quite regret watching it. Some of the part of the story is not relevant and not connected that seems the director want to skip or finished the movie quickly. The visual effects are quite impressive but the plot and e value were not to my standard. It was 50/50 for me.

Luckily, my brother and I watched “Monsters Versus Alien” after the show and it was a remedy for our dissatisfaction watching “Terminator”. Just now, khalifa sms me whether i want to join him watch Terminator. I said 'it suck'.


  1. i became the kid who asks to many questions throughout the movie 0_0

  2. Actually, it's heavily linked to the first 2 movies, so, if you didn't watch the first 2, you'd be confused with the plot.

    Terminator was good, could be better, but definitely better than Monsters vs Aliens. Well, to each their own as we say. :-)


  3. I watched all the Terminator's Trilogy. I think the reason why i hate the latest Terminator is because all the previous Terminator's movies the cyborg chased Kelle Resse, Sarah Connor and John Connor. Probably this latest installment human begin to fight the machines and Skynet. So, probably I am not used to it. hehe. This latest movie also has the element of Transformer which one of the big cyborg released two cyborgs in form of motorcycle. That cool.