Friday, June 5, 2009

Visiting the Land of Pretending Lion

Where is this ‘the Land of Pretending Lion’? Can you guess? We always hear about the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ which is Japan due to its geographical location. But where is the Land of Pretending Lion? Is it a place where there are a lot of lions and know how to act or pretend? Or is it a circus where you can see the lion act as if it is a human, monkey or very good actor? Hmmm. Let translates it to Bahasa Malaysia. Lion means Singa in BM and pretending means pura or berpura-pura in BM. And together, when we combine them, it becomes Singapura or Singa Berpura-Pura. Hehehe. Know where is it? It is a small island south of Malaysia where they keep all the lions that can act or pretend. Hahaha. Just kidding. It is a country that Malaysia government still pissed after Singapore separated from Malaysia. Still under each other throats.
I had shocking news early this morning. I am going to Singapore or Singapura. I was just about to go jogging and suddenly stumbled with my dad. He looked at me and said ‘James ajak Aji gi Singapore. Aji pegi tau. Enjoy’. Just like that. And then he went off to work. I was speechless. I couldn’t say a word. What a strange father I have. I looked at my mom and said what is going on. She told me that yesterday James asked my dad that he wanted to bring my brother and me to Singapore on 26th June to 28th June. To me, this is too sudden. A chance to visit another country? Yes. Too sudden? Yes. Plus, after coming back from Singapore, I am going back to JB. What is going on? It is very sad for my brother that he could not make it for the trip. He has to work on those days. So, it is going to be me, James and Kak Yasmeen who will be going. My mom told me that James will book a ticket for me for the trip. Air Asia baby.
I wasn’t planning to go anyway except go to Miri on 16th June with my family. Now, after coming back from Miri on 21 June, I have to go to Singapore on 26th June. What an experience. Now, I have to do my passport which cost RM 300. I probably am going to do it in Kajang. I spoke with my mom that I have a second thought about going to Singapore, but she said that I better discuss with my dad. I told her that I am not going to Singapore if Shafiq is not coming. Shafiq told me that he will discuss with Kak Yasmeen whether she can adjust his schedule.
Now, another twist reemerged. We are not flying to Singapore, but driving to Singapore. How fascinating is that. Who is going to drive? Me. James and Kak Yasmeen could not drive. James called my dad to get my dad approval for me to go to Singapore after I told him that I undecided whether I want to go or not. He desperately wants me to go there with him. My dad said that I will go and he wants me to travel and experience something new and so on. He hates me that I always hang out in my house far too long and probably scare that I will become Hikikamori. I think. ‘Putera Lilin’ he calls me. However, he questioned James as to why he wants to go to Singapore by plane. James told him that the Air Asia has this “0 Fares” thing that you do not need to pay for the fare but you only have to pay the airport tax and so on. But, he said that still cost RM 300 or something. Why not I drive them to Singapore? Thanks DAD. I called my dad and he said just go and have some fun. Oh well. I definitely going to miss Nina because when you are in Singapore, text message and call is expensive. Huhuhu. I want to go with her.


  1. aw, u guys can go together when you're in JB :). have fun!

  2. we are planning to go there together before graduate anyway. Hehe. Wanna join?

  3. aaah it sucks when you have to do things you don't want to. Oh well, but that's how things are. My pity.

    Safe trip buddy.

  4. Well, you remember my previous post. "Don't Resist". Probably something gud will came out from this trip.

  5. have hope, it'll be alright.