Thursday, June 11, 2009

To save one life is as if you have saved the world

Yesterday, I was reading back all my posts and what I had posted from my ally blogs. Then, I came across atie’s blog. I read all the posts again and I stumbled on the response that I gave to her which stated “Changing someone life for better are more meaningful than curing a disease. You can cure many patients but people will end up dead in the end. People will die anyway.” Suddenly it hit me. The reasons why I gave those statements are because I want to cheer up atie and the people expectation about teacher. It seems people nowadays have a bad perception about teacher. I probably say this because I am going to be a teacher soon and try to defend myself, but people nowadays measure their success based on their position, financial and their possessions. For example, like engineer, doctor and businessman. Their success is measure by how much money they are making, their skill in curing disease and their creation.
People have bad impression toward teacher (some of them actually) because they have a fixed salary and teaching is considered like a low or middle type of profession by most people. Their works are not measured by how much money they are making, their position or rank and how many inventions that they create. They are measured by how many people or students that they have enlightened to become a better person. Still, they continue their duty with fix salary. People nowadays value their works or success through inanimate things; money, fame and rank. They seldom value their effort based on the change that they have contribute to society. They value it mostly on what they have.
Even though you have a lot of money, it will not help you if you are dead. (Unless you want to use it to bury yourself at Nirvana). Although you cure many people, people will end up dead in the end. Death is the only disease that cannot be cure. How many infrastructures or magnificent building that you build, it would not stay there forever. One day it will collapse, terrorist attack, natural disaster and so on. It will be destroyed and worth nothing anyway when Kiamat comes and destroys it (Apocalypse, Judgment Day, and The Hour). But one thing that is considered meaningful even greater is a good deed. What is a good deed? To do good thing? Yeah. That is a simple explanation. But to me, a good deed is when you change someone life for a better. What kind of occupation that more suitable or close to that? Teacher. Why? Because they change people. From ignorant and naïve, teacher teaches or imparts knowledge and shapes the mind of their students. They enlighten them, changing them to become better person.
Changing someone life for better is like saving someone life in my opinion. This reminds me of a quote in the Tahmud from the Jewish holy book. “To save one life is as if you have saved the world.” I know this quote from the movie ‘Schindler’s List’. Although his real intention was to profit from using Jews as a labor, Schindler unintentionally saved many Jewish (I am not saying I am Semantic sympathizer or anything). When the WW2 was over and Schindler was asked to go trial or he maybe he want to escape (I think), the Schindler’s Jews gave him a ring with a writing on it ‘To save one life is as if you have saved the world’. He began to cry. Then, he said that he could sell the house and save 10 more people. He could sell his house and save 10 more people and so on. He began to shed tremendous tears because he believed that he can save more lives.
In my opinion, teacher saves life. How? By transforming uncivilized and ignorant human being, into a thinker, civilized, well-mannered, intellectual human being. Able to think in improving themselves, question and discover knowledge and benefit it to the society. Teacher saves lost soul from the realm of darkness to realm of light. Giving a hand to escape from the pit of hell. Teacher is members of the Illuminati (The Enlighten). I think I am exaggerating. I have just created a hyperbole.
Well, whatever it is, the teacher duty to enlighten people is considered as saving life. Even though you can’t enlighten or change many people, but to change a few, you have created a new world for them. A better world. What the teacher does is considered a good deed. And this good deed, not just be meaningful in this world, but it will be accounted for in the afterlife.
Now, most of you people who read my blog are those who studying with me. And you guys are definitely depressed because we are going back to maktab. I am also depressed. One more year, guys. One more year. But I think we all are going to be more depressed when we begin teaching. Students, parents, administration, time management, social problems, financial and family. Those are the things that we are going to encounter. Whatever the predicaments that you face when teaching them, always think that you are trying to save a life. The students are a lost soul who is seeking to be rescued. You are their savior. Prophet. It is going to be one hell of experience when we become a teacher. But your effort to change their lives, is bigger than life. Whether you get post somewhere that is not your comfort zone, just think of this. You are trying to get your students out from the ghetto. You are their Messiah.
Well, before I end my exaggerate post, I want to show you guys something that can ease your mind about maktab and our future. This is from one of Dr Edwin students related to “My Favourite Teacher’s Day SMS for 2009” in Dr. Edwin blog which this student gave him this.
3 people die and want to go to heaven. God stood at the gate, told only 1 can go in, 2 go to hell.
1st:I’m a priest, I ask people to worship god. OUT
2nd:I’m a doctor, I save lives. OUT
3rd: I’m teacher.
Heaven’s door opened. Teacher got shocked.
God: Don’t say anything my child! You were in hell for many years!
Happy Teacher’s Day!


  1. what you have said is mostly true, I would not deny it. Except I would just like to say one thing.

    While teachers are all great and stuff, we are the enlighten ones and the guide for the lost soul and stuff, but how many people are actually teaching?

    I wouldn't disagree to anyone at all if they look down on teachers today because teachers have changed. Teacher is a simple way out now, look at those KPLI people.

    If indeed teachers have been doing a good job, the other profession won't look down on us because they got that profession due to OUR teaching. But if they think that we did nothing (which is what is done by MOST teachers now) then of course they'd look down on us.

    Thats the scene today, I'd look down on teachers myself. Hopefully I won't look down on myself too.

  2. A very inspiring post Sharazi...We're gonna be heroes! Unsung, definitely, but still, heroes! We need posts like this to continue to remind us to do what we're meant (or paid by the government to do) to do. :)

    Kei, I agree, so WE have to be the new generation that'll change lives and change perspectives.

    OMG, I think this profession is beginning to grow into me.

  3. We have to be a new breed of teachers. students have to pass English in their exam. haha. So, let us help them pass this subject. Martabat bahasa Melayu? Yeah, rite.

  4. Ew, I hate the fact that they HAVE to pass English. Which means simply that after this student will study how to ANSWER English paper rather than learning English as it is. For me Language is something to be used in conversation, even if you suck at composing but you can use the language properly then its ok. Thats my view of language, but now this, its basically ruined my every view. Damn.

  5. Ermm. True. To me, it is not the question whether how many A's the students get, but the root of all problem is the education system itself. How are we going to improve or help the students if we are stuck with exam-oriented system?

  6. That possible. there was one time when the teachers went to strike, the governmnet had to comply with their needs. i forgot what was it about. But, in Malaysia, it is going to be a bit complicated. Why? Most of the teachers in Malaysia would agree to us to change the system, but probably would not participate because the teachers are to accustom and comfortable with system that they are scared of change. maybe I'm wrong. The main key or important ingredient to change this system is to have someone to lead the campaign to get rid of the system. we need someone like Margaret Thatcher (Iron Lady), Martin Luther King (spiritual leader), Nelson Mandela (justice) and others. It is better not to get politician involves. i know that when the PKR hears about this, they will support us and BN will say that the teachers are being influenced by the oppositions. Do not let the politicians control this matter. What happened to education nowadays? Sekejap jadi, sekejap x jadi. Martabat bahasa melayu issue. sekejap nk bahasa eng, sekejap xnk. All of these are bullshits. They do not care so about our education system, just to make sure that they are able to stay in power for another next 5 years. Let us teachers in one voice, lead the campaign. we are the one who bring it up, let settle it ourselves. To me, politician only craves for power. Whether they are PKR or BN, they are bullshitters.