Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MAXIS: MAXimize Individual Spending.

I just converted my postpaid from maxis to celcom postpaid today. To keep my number, I became the Maxis user for more than 2 years and before that I have facing many problems with them, I can't do anything with that because to keep my number. Now, is the time! We can maintain number and change the provider. I had bad experiences with maxis when I began using it. A lot of hidden charges and the bill sometimes exaggerated. Based on my experiences with maxis, maxis service is deteriorating as we speak, cannot receive calls, cannot make calls; all calls will be forward into the mailbox instead of the phone. Before I use maxis, I used celcom. During that time, celcom has good customer service, good service and so far no problem with continuation with the lines. Since it's connected with Telekom Malaysia, it has a wider reception and coverage compared to other service providers. The rates are also reasonable and the T&C are not so hidden. Unlike other service provider, especially maxis, they don't put the T&C in newspaper ads which makes it sound like the offer or rates are so cheap, but, there are hidden charges or tying issues you must face behind the scenes. I am taking the Executive 50 Plan which you pay RM 50 a month. If you use more than RM 50, you still get a discount. 15 sen per minute and 12 sen per sms to any network. I think that okay. To reduce my family misery, I also took the 1+5 plan which allows my dad and Shafiq to pay only RM 5 a month when they call or sms me. So, my father, Shafiq and I now have two hand phone numbers and two hand phones each. The different is, both of my phone numbers are Celcom. One for Nina and the other for my family and general. But recently, celcom customer service has become a little bit inefficient. This had happened to Nina but I wish not to discuss it.


  1. welcome to celcom territory..

    by the way, here i give you example how maxis cheat their customers.. read this blog
    just imagine if we dont really check our bill and simply pay everything.. no wonder maxis untung besar lor..

  2. Wah. thanks man. i really appreciate it. Domo arigato. So, that how they do it.

  3. bleh hardly care because I hardly use my phone at all. Useful info though.