Saturday, June 13, 2009

Suggestion To My Friends.

Well, we are going back to maktab and there will be no Dr. Edwin class to learn literature, but that doesn’t mean we cannot learn and discuss literature among ourselves. We can still do it. Even after graduate. We are going to become an English teacher and literature is one of the subjects that we should master.
So, my suggestion is, if you have something that is considered literature and meaningful to discuss whether it is a poem, picture, song, speech, whatever, post it in your blog or you create your own blog just to discuss the thing that is literature and worth discussing. In your post, you can give your comment or interpretation of the material that you present and other people can critic and give their opinion about it. It is something like the forum that we did with Dr. Edwin. (I miss him so much. Can I do another project paper?)
I think it is quite helpful because it is not just to practice or train ourselves to become critical thinker and appreciate literature, but it is also help us in getting the material that is suitable to teach to our students. Plus, we can still contact each other through blogging even after graduate and discuss how we are going to teach our students through the use of the material that we present in our blog. If you want too. We are going to become a new breed of teachers. Right, Amanda, Kei? I think this is one small step for B.Ed Tesl Cohort 3 in becoming a new generation of teacher that surpass the old, mediocre, traditional and boring teachers. We will show maktab and Malaysian who we are. We are the unsung heroes.
Below is my blog address for this literature discussion. I use my previous blog from Dr. Edwin coursework. It will be a waste if leave your blog unattended.
So, good luck and please inform me your blog address if you want me to give my point of view. If you want to discuss it in the same blog, that is fine. Bye. Peace and Prosper to mankind.


  1. i agree! btw i'm inspired by Dr. Ed to read more great literary books, no more how old or boring they may be. Can you believe i'm reading Dickins books for pleasure now? LOL. If I ever need to share my thoughts and know your thoughts, I'll post it up.

  2. Great! I'm reading all Ernest Hemingway's short stories during this semester break. Maktab never changes our lives. life in UPM did.

  3. sure thing, but then again I'm not sure whether the books that I read would be suitable for school uses. The kind of books that I read is a bit far-fetch from everything that we read in Literature classroom.

    Lets just give this project a go, I'd do it in my blog as always. Too many blogs are too much of a headache.

    looking forward for everyone's entry

  4. Antything can, man. just to train our minds how to read Literature like a professor. Hope all of us who participate in this project would become the next Dr. Ed or surpass him.