Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 Years

We are going back to maktab
The authorities there are so faktab
It is like living in a lock up
You see Baharum you better shut up
Before his ignorant and anger lit up
Very early you have to wake up
Before kuliah, you need to do a warm up
1.30pm, time up
Other students really like to suck up
Some of the pegawai, hanya pandai cakap
Decision making, they all mess up
This course, I can’t wait to finish up

One more year and then I’m out
Make a name and go all out
6 years of studying
Can make your life boring
But UPM’s life is novelty
Knowledge and experience
that you can cherish sampai mati
From theatre,
you create a new and know your friends,
And sometimes,
it makes you lost a friend,
But lucky me,
I met my lover,
And I never regret meeting her
I began to study and like literature
Because of Dr Edwin’s lecture.
Lucky us, we studied under him
If not, my teaching life turns dim.

6 years of studying
Can make your kepala pening
But these 6 years
of knowledge and experience that you have
Is one of the important things
that you ever have
It shapes your mind
your personality
throughout these years
Based on the events,
and knowledge
during these 6 years


  1. LOVE THIS POEM! you should recite this during assembly! hehe

  2. another poet on the loose in the blogspot. Nice stuff.

  3. Thanks. hehe. I created this while jogging. Lol. Actually, i was rapping. It just came to me. flow of thought.

  4. I'm glad to see rapping with a double "P"

  5. if you have problem with ur emotion and ur mind, read eckhart tolle 'the power of now'

  6. refer to your post about NB again.

    there's nothing wrong with my emotion and my mind. unlike you, ex-atheist, i never hated God and despised my parents like you do. people who hated their creator would burn in hell and people who despised their parents would be an ungrateful child who also burn in hell.

  7. One p eh? hehehe. Sorry. Got too excited