Sunday, June 21, 2009


My love : Larat x? Bgslah 2. Jauh perjlnn, luas penglaman.
Me : Syg, bkn ke jauh perjlnn, luas pandangan ke?
My love : Dua2 pn leh pakai lh. Eii, cubit kang.

Ladies and gentlemen, I just got back from Brunei and Sarawak. Yeahhhhhhh. After the trips, I have discovered a new hobby; travelling. Based on the sms’s conversation that I had between my love and I when I was in West Malaysia, both of them are true. When you travel, your views about the world are widened and you gain a lot of experience, knowledge, language and skill if you have the chance. I was fortunate to have this kind of opportunity and to tell you the truth, this is an expensive hobby. The process of travelling has it up and down (dealing with people who close with us and locals), but the result, PRICELESS!!! I wish in the future, I am able to go travelling or back packing with Nina when we have the capital and time to do it. If possible, go outside Malaysia. I think it is important for us to travel. I remember when we went to Malacca and I asked Mr. Tham, ‘Is it necessary for an artist to travel?’ He said yes and this is because to widen his views, in gaining idea and look at the world differently if I recalled it correctly. But to me, everyone should travel. Whether you are an artist or not, everyone should. Karim Raslan wrote a lot of articles about politics, art, society and economy when he travels and share it with public. Dr. Edwin also encouraged us to travel. I have many things to say about my recent trips but I am so exhausted and I definitely need a rest. (I haven’t been sleeping well actually). On 26th June, I will be going to Singapore and probably be back on 29th June. So, wish me luck.